Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekly Blog Bulletin

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And by weekly, I do mean bi-weekly.

So, dear friends, Barack, Michelle and I are in Paris but, man, things are so busy that we don't even get to spend any quality time together. Had to ix-nay the prez on helping out on the trip to Normandy (or as they say in France, Normandie), but at least I got to show him around the Pompidou. Yes, the life of a chief executive is a hectic one, whether you're running a country or a physical comedy blog. Speaking of which, back to work...


Quote of the Week

"What you have to do is create a character. Then the character just does his best, and there's your comedy. No begging." -- Buster Keaton

New to the blog?

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Still coming soon to a blog with the same URL as this one
Waiting for Godot New York vs. London Ultimate Smackdown with them fightin' supertramps Bill Irwin, Nathan Lane, Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen, plus Peter Brook goes mano à mano with Beckett in Paris
• Live video report from Déantibulations, the street theatre festival of Antibes, France
• Complete coverage of this summer's Jacques Tati Exposition in Paris

What's New this Week
New posts: The Julians Acrobats, Dick Van Dyke on slapstick, and a Feydeau Performance Report
New sidebars: Blog Post History, My Other Blogs, the Visitor Counter, and Followers.

Keep Showing Me Your Shows!
Still in Europe (Paris at the moment) and will be here and in Turkey thru July 25th and welcome any suggestions of shows to see, especially physical comedy and physical theatre, but other arts events as well. Here’s my remaining schedule:
June 9 – June 12: Amsterdam
June 13- June 17: Berlin & Poznan
June 18–22: SW Turkey
June 22-26: Istanbul
June 27-July 18: Dikili (Turkey) = work
July 19 – July 25: London
July 26: back in New York

So drop me a line if you have any tips for me....

Tech Notes
• I have Comments turned on but for some reason it's giving an error message.
• The blog title field seems empty (no title in your browser tab) because Blogspot has been refusing to let me load my banner instead of the title text. Right now I have a workaround that keeps a minimal title (just a period) and allows me to load the banner.

I hope to get both of these fixed soon, but I've learned the hard way that
technology can make you less creative and less productive, not more, especially if you let it bog you down spending days on end trying to solve some glitch. I'm seduced by technology but at times miss the old days when if you wanted to write, you wrote, if you wanted to do a show you just rehearsed and did it. (Or didn't rehearse.)

I could, for example, have spent another six months figuring out blog coding to get this site to look the way I really want it to look, but I've wisely made a content-first vow and will deal with design/tech issues as I go. For example, I don't like this narrow 2-column Blogger template, but every time I tried something different I ran into glitches that I'd waste a day or two trying to solve, and meanwhile no blog. So eventually this may have a wider three-column layout and a snazzier design, but one thing at a time, eau-quais?

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