Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dick Van Dyke on Slapstick

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Had lunch today in Paris with Caroline Simonds, who is doing wonderful things with clown care in the city's hospitals (and as far away as Brazil) through her work with Le Rire Médecin. Caroline turned me on to this Dick Van Dyke clip about slapstick comedy, which I somehow never saw before. Not sure of the original context, but I think you'll like.....

Update (12-17-09): Thanks to Laura Fernandez for alerting me to the fact that the original YouTube clip is no longer there. I tracked down the episode (finale of season 1) and here's the clip, but with the scene before it as well, so now we do in fact have the original context. Come to think of it, the context of physical comedy is what this blog is all about, so this blip turns out to be a good thing! One step back, two steps forward...


You can watch the entire episode (with new commercials) on Hulu by clicking here or without commercials on Netflix Instant Play (if you're a member).

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Tonya Kaushik said...

Brilliant! I'm so glad you looked for this using! Thanks for the link and for finding this gem. =)

Librarians said...

Dick Van Dyke was a brilliant physical comedian and a truly great clown. I always laughed out loud watching him. Thanks for the Hulu tip.