Friday, March 19, 2010

Yikes! It's 10 Days Later and There's Still More Post-Barcelona Updating

The following video clips have been added in the past ten days to the original six Barcelona posts:

Post 082: Tables are Funny
• Table sequence from Beijing Opera Fight in the Dark
• Fumagalli clowns table routine from Big Apple Circus
Joe's Restaurant, 10-minute piece from 2nd NY International Festival of Clown-Theatre (1985)
• Table smashing from The Great Race
• Back roll off table from The Great Race
A table slide from The Great Race
• Tablecloth pull with someone sitting on chair on table
• A horse doing a tablecloth pull from a Max Linder movie
• Buster Keaton's bizarrely brilliant table fall
A hair pull by the Three Ghezzi
• A table safety technique
• Still photos to go with the video of the funeral home piece by Giuseppe Vetti and Salvatore Caggiari

Post 084: Homage to Charlie Rivel
• Rivel segment from Fellini's television movie, I Clowns
• Amazing new photos of and related to Rivel, courtesy of Hovey Burgess
A Pathé video of Rivel & Co. doing the little bridge at a Vienna hospital in 1937, courtesy of Pat Cashin
• Expert commentary on this video by Hovey Burgess

Post 085: Pie Throwing
• The first pie ever thrown in the movies? Ben Turpin gets it in Mr. Flip (1909)
• Arbuckle, Keaton, & St. John wreck the general store in Butcher Boy (1917)
• Keaton demonstrates the craft of pie throwing on a 1962 television show
• Laurel & Hardy take it up a notch in The Battle of the Century (1927)
Blake Edwards tries to outdo them in The Great Race (1965)
• Some action photos of Pat Cashin from pie day in Barcelona.
Buster Keaton talks about getting hit by that bag of flour in Butcher Boy
• Pi Day!
• The pie fight alternate ending to Dr. Strangelove

Post 086: Cabaret Cabron
• Still photos from the running of the bulls piece
• A link to the blog of Manel Sala "Ulls"

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