Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ripple Effect: The Theatrical Life of Max Linder, by Frank Bren

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We may know Max Linder as the first truly international film star, the father of silent film comedy, but he was also a playwright and stage comedian whose live performances drew mobs every bit as frenzied as those that later greeted Chaplin, Sinatra,  and the Beatles.  What is most compelling about his stage work, however, is his innovative combination of film and live performance, the details of which you'll have to read Mr. Bren's article to discover!  And click here to visit Mr. Bren's web site.

 Frank Bren's article first appeared in the excellent journal New Theatre Quarterly.  My warmest thanks to New Theatre Quarterly editor Simon Trussler for kindly granting permission to share this valuable article with my blog readers.


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