Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin Dancing Lesson

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A few posts back we looked at Lou Costello taking a dance lesson.  This time we see Martin & Lewis going at it.  Yes, I know the world is divided into those who like Jerry Lewis and those who don't, but whichever side you're on I think you'll enjoy the physical comedy moves in this piece from the old television show, the Colgate Comedy Hour.  Dean Martin is the instructor, Lewis the oafish and slow-witted student.  The first half is full of solo gyrations by Lewis, while the second half has some real nice partner work.

Update (4-1-12): The blog New Slapstick has a post analyzing a segment of this routine: Creating Simple Double Act Material


Ira Seidenstein said...

Love it!!! physical clowns to the max!!! Dance 'should', could, oughta be THE priority for the training of a clown. Have you seen the youtube clip with Jerry Lewis being a magician's assistant... and the magician is Red Skelton!! Have you written about your experiences with Red etc? x ira

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