Monday, June 6, 2011

The Clown Unmasked: Photos by Jim Moore

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Jim Moore, whose photography I wrote about in this early blog post, has a new show of clown photos opening tomorrow at Manhattan's Cornelia Street Café. Since I realize most of you aren't anywhere near New York City, I'm planning to have a glass of wine in your honor at tomorrow's opening — one glass per missing blog reader — provided the wine's free.  I also thought I'd show you some of what you're missing with this preview of photos from the exhibit.

But first here's the official program introduction to the exhibit written by — quelle coincidence — little old moi:

If they hold a clown show in New York and Jim Moore's not there, do they still do the show?   I wouldn't know, because I'm not sure if that's actually ever happened. 

Since his early days as a street performer and photographer in 1970’s New York, Jim has made it his business to know every variety performer and to be everywhere they performed. And to photograph them. Constantly. He lived the life and knew the people, then and now.  Whether he shot you in performance, on location, or in his studio, he’s always had that uncanny ability to capture the essence of these highly individualistic characters — especially the clowns and eccentrics.

And he never stopped doing it.  For 40+ years!  Like all fine photographers, Jim has more than just a keen eye and polished technique. He has an instinctual feel for his subjects and, above all, their total trust.  In this revealing exhibit of miniatures, he shoots not only from his honorary front-row seat, but meets the performers backstage, in his studio, in their homes, in their rehearsal spaces — capturing the person and the persona and giving us a glimpse into a more deeply textured world.

On with the show!

John Leo

Joel Jeske

Audrey Crabtree

Ambrose Martos

Matt Mitler

Glen Henroy

Kevin C. Carr

Eric Davis

Clowns Ex Machina

Hilary Chaplain

Tanya Elchuk


For more of Jim's work, see his excellent blog, Vaude Visuals.