Friday, June 10, 2011

Not Riding in the Bike Lane

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So yesterday my sweetie came home from the hospital on crutches after she and her bike had an encounter with a truck in a Manhattan bike lane. No broken bones, but thanks for asking. Then later in the day Daniel Wallace, game designer and former student, sent me this video.

Those who know me well know that I am a torn creature, with at least a tri-polar split between politics, would-be athleticism, and all this goofy comedy stuff. For example, I like to bike all over NYC and all over the world, I try to advocate for the environment, and I've always enjoyed comedy cycling..... but how to combine all three?

Don't ask me, ask Casey Neistat, because that's exactly what he did in this cool video, which I am happy to see is already going viral on YouTube.



Jonathan Lyons said...

Hey John,

While at NYU I worked for a while as a bike messenger. Once, a cab stopped in front of me and I rolled onto the trunk. The cabbie looked over his shoulder and waited for me to get off before he drove away. I suppose that was the most I could expect from him.

Chris Michael said...

I am so ashamed. I was getting all grumpy thinking this was totally non-blog relevant until the gags started coming. What a fantastic way to make a point!

I do a road safety slapstick double act in the UK - but nothing like this!!

I'm going to post it on all the UK road safety websites.