Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Complete Book: "Masks and Marionettes" by Joseph Kennard

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When I was writing Clowns, these were the books I consulted the most for my section on commedia dell'arte:
Masks, Mimes & Miracles by Alardyce Nicoll
The World of Harlequin by Alardyce Nicoll
The Italian Comedy by Pierre Duchartre
The History of the Harlequinade by Maurice Sand
Scenarios of the Commedia Dell'Arte by Flaminio Scala
• The Commedia Dell'Arte by Giacomo Oreglia

I did not read Masks and Marionettes by Joseph Kennard, nor have I since then, but browsing through it now it seems to be a reasonable overview of the subject, and one that touches on the closely related puppet theatre of the time. And since the above-mentioned books are not available for free and this one is, I though it worth including here.

Masks and Marionettes

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