Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peter Pitofsky: Stand-Up Comic Falls Down

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I wanted to add this sweet clip of a young Peter Pitofsky to my recent post, Beating Yourself Up for Fun & Profit, because of all the harm he manages to do to himself while trying to start what the audience figures is just another stand-up comedy act.  Since he doesn't actually fight himself, it didn't quite fit, but here it is as a separate post, a rich example of a clown creating obstacles for himself, in the hilarious tradition of George Carl and Donald O'Connor.


Jonathan Lyons said...

That was fun to see.

I met Peter Pitofsky a few years ago when he was in the Teatro Zinzanni here in SF. He gave a Saturday morning "intro to clown" class in the teatro tent. I very much enjoyed it.

Arts in the Family said...

This is great stuff. Not a word is spoken and definitely not needed at all until the very end for the blowoff. I've never met him but I've heard so many stories about him. He's pretty amazing and of course, very funny. Truly a human cartoon.

Alberto Ramirez Jr.