Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Festival Preview: Clowns on Film

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This post is not mere shameless self-promotion, at least not entirely. This Friday night (Sept. 16th) at 10 p.m., Audrey Crabtree and I will be co-hosting a presentation of short clown films at the NY Clown-Theatre Festival at the Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And you should come, because we'll be lonely without you, plus it's going to be pretty exciting. Here's why...

This is not just one of those screenings where you sit and politely watch movies in the dark. No way. One movie comes with a live band and another with live performance by Isaac Littlejohn Eddy of Blueman Group. And not only that, all the filmmakers will be on hand for you to meet. In fact, Morro and Jasp are doing a live show at 8 p.m. which is totally different from their movie. I saw them last year, they are downright funny, and their content is quite fresh for clowns — last year's show was about puberty — so come for a double-header.

As if that weren't enough, Audrey and I are concocting some surprises for you. All I can say, and this is strictly off the record, is that there will be prizes awarded and you, and I do mean the you who is reading this post at this very moment, have an excellent chance of winning.

Here are a couple of sneak-preview trailers for you.

Lily Bone's Creation:

Check out their web site here.

And here's a short trailer for Jeff Seal's silent movie, A Day's Messing which, miraculously, is that rare commodity, a successful modern-day silent film short.

For more information, go to and click and scroll until you find this in a version large enough to actually read:

Hope to see you there! Really.

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