Thursday, September 8, 2011

The New York Clown-Theatre Festival Opens!

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I just got back from the opening night of this century's 6th NY Clown-Theatre Festival, a cabaret hilariously hosted by the Leroy Sisters (Aimee German & Jenny Sargent) and featuring excerpts from most of the performers we'll be seeing in the festival. If this preview was any indication, it's a strong and varied lineup.

Since this is a physical comedy blog, I should hazard a guess as to which shows are the most movement oriented. From what I've seen, my predictions are Flocked (Audrey Crabtree & Gabriela Muñoz), I Have Never Done This Before (Joel Jeske), Wing-Man (Mark Gindick), and Neon Lights (Chris Manley & Jeff Seal). Also worth mentioning, at least from my jaded perspective, is that on September 16th Audrey and I will be co-hosting a series of short clown films. Come see some good work and say hello! And finally, let me recommend the clown workshop, Touching the Space, being conducted by the delightfully funny Mexican clown Gabriela Muñoz on September 12th and 13th.

Neon Lights

The festival, once again directed by that multi-tasking, hyperactive duo, Robert Honeywell and Audrey Crabtree, runs through September 25th at Williamsburg's Brick Theater, just two subway stops into Brooklyn, and tickets are only $15.

For more info, go to and then click on Amuse Bouche.

For some great opening night photos, see this post on Jim Moore's VaudeVisuals blog, as well as this Flickr album by Joann Jovinelly.

Update (Sept. 11, 2011):  Here's a nicely edited video piece on opening night just posted on the web site:

Update (Sept. 13): A review of opening night in Brooklyn Exposed by the one and same Joann Jovinelly.

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