Monday, October 10, 2011

Beijing Opera: The Fight in the Dark

[post 200]

Post #200. Wow! I thought I was getting out of this business, but I guess the money's just too good. (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

So.... here we are again.

Let's celebrate #200 with one of my favorite pieces, The Fight in the Dark from the Beijing Opera (where Jackie Chan trained). If you think about it, being "in the dark" is a good metaphor for comedy, especially the physical kind. In this classic piece, two mortal enemies — only it turns out they aren't — find themselves in a room together with the lights out. Naturally they try to kill each other.

This is one part comedy to five parts friggin' incredible physical dexterity, but there are some real nice comedic moments where they slow down the mayhem long enough to savor the predicament. Enjoy!

Some links:
• Click here for previous post of Monkey King act from Beijing Opera.
• Jackie Chan was a student of Beijing Opera from the age of seven to seventeen, which you can read about in detail in his autobiography, I Am Jackie Chan: My Life in Action.

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