Friday, January 20, 2012

The Lady, the Tiger, or Mr. Noodle?

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Brian Bernhard
recently did a Facebook post sharing this funny Sesame Street Elmo's World video of Bill Irwin as Mr. Noodle. With the help of Mr. Wiggles and Leon Chesney, the milquetoast Noodle overcomes his inhibitions and embraces his inner hip-hop dancer. I especially like how Wiggles & Chesney wave their dance rhythm directly into Noodle's body.

Now if you just watched that, you no doubt noticed that whoever put this on YouTube cut off the ending. This of course left me wondering how I would have ended it, just like in 6th grade when we had to write our own climax to the short story, The Lady, or the Tiger? I was definitely leaning toward them getting on the bus, sitting quietly reading their Wall St. Journals, and never acknowledging their wild time together, not even making eye contact.

So, before going any further: what do you think? What's your ending? Because as it turns out there was another version online that did have the ending. Here are the final moments:

Hmm, guess I should try to think more positive thoughts....

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