Friday, May 4, 2012

Comedy Acrobatics: The Jovers

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Here's a sweet husband-and-wife comedy acrobatic act with a few choice tricks and lots of personality — very funny. Thanks to Tanya Solomon for the link.

That was from 1980. On YouTube this clip has had, to date, just shy of 160,00 hits, which the lovely Mrs. Jover has lived long enough to savor:

I am in Show Low, AZ, up in the mountains. I am now 83 and well retired. My gorgeous husband passed away a short time ago but I live with my daughter, Wendy, and grandson Michael. The video that you see was a six-minute clip of our act at the MGM in Reno. I am so glad that so many people are still enjoying our performance.  —Fe Jover.

Thank you, Fe, for the hearty laughs and the humanity. And gratitude for the technology that allows this to be shared by so many!


Dave said...

Really sweet. One of the funniest cabaret act I have seen and the level of the comedy, especially of Fe is so perfectly pitched. The biggest surprise for me was to look at the timing and to realise that in just over six minutes they had really only performed two 'tricks'. That is in no way a criticism but a testament to their comedy skills.

Dave said...

A little more information on their backgrounds here. Nice story

Malcolm Russell said...

Truly fantastic - what incredible comedy, style and verve. I'd never heard of them before. I'd pay to watch them over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Fe,
Thank you so much! I enjoyed the clip, and sent it to others in my family so that they could enjoy it as well. It is so rare now a days to find such clean, funny, classic entertainment. I love your laugh and your husband's dead pan seriousness. I'm sorry to hear of his passing. May he be in his glory and one day ( not soon!) you yours.
Thank you for the funny!

Anonymous said...

We were sent a link to the video and had tears running down our faces by the end. It was so funny and well crafted; spot on comedy routine and we only wish we'd known about you when you were both performing on stage.Loved it and thank you to whomever put the clip out there for other to watch. We've forwarded it to all of our friends.

Gerald Matthes, Michigan said...

Dear Fe,

You are hilarious and lovely. What a treat to watch this clip over and over again and then share it with friends. Your Hubby will greet you with open arms -----praise God. Bless you,
Gerald Matthes in Michigan

Anonymous said...

I have only come across this clip today, and since shared with hundreds via social media. This is one of the funniest comedy acts I've ever seen, that I don't know of you both earlier is a little sad but that I have now makes up for it. Truly brilliant. It's in my top 10 moments of 2012! X

Anonymous said...

This was so refreshingly funny, I passed it on to friends.

Ian Ellis Melbourne Australia

Unknown said...

Recently saw this clip and have to say that this is brilliant. Entertainment at its best.