Friday, November 9, 2012

"Le Con est l'Ange"

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Here's a short, award-winning partner acrobatic piece in the style of nouveau cirque, performed by Yannick Thomas and Grégory Arsenal, both products of French and Québecois circus schools. This isn't physical comedy, but what works for me — besides the high level of precise skill — is the theatrical idea of the acrobatics happening to the characters rather than just being presentational. This isn't consistently the case throughout, but when it works it is stunning.

Translation note: the title means something like "That Jerk's the Angel"; the chalkboard at the end goes from fin (The End) to faim? (Hungry?) to entracte (Intermission).

Thanks to Elena Day for the link.
Click here for the web site.of Yann and Greg.

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