Sunday, August 4, 2013

Partner Act!?! — Francis Brunn & Jack Benny

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I was researching something else on Dominique Jando's excellent Circopedia web site (which I highly recommend!) and came across this gem and thought it worth a cross-posting. After all, if I had never seen this it's likely many of you haven't either.

This is Francis Brunn, one of the greatest jugglers ever (you'll see why) making an appearance on the Jack Benny Show back in 1961. Benny was an ex-vaudevillian with a dry wit and real talent as a violinist, but certainly not known as a physical comedian. Here he does get a bit physical, though Dominique assures me that the pratfall was done by a stunt double, though one with a pretty believable physical resemblance.

Click here or on the screen image below to go to Circopedia and see the video, then stick around a bit and browse the site!

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