Saturday, April 12, 2014

Life Imitates Art or Too Funny to Be True?

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Do the Keystone Kops ride again? This "dumbest cops" video has gone viral, billed as "actual bank robbery in Detroit."

You know me, I love examples of physical comedy in real life, and this sure would be funny if it were true, but it ain't. (Darn.) It's actually footage shot by an observer during the filming of this 2008 Chevy Mailbu commercial!

That choreography was just a little too perfect!

But this one, on the other hand, is more likely legit, and almost qualifies as a perfect three-part gag — except that there are four crashes. Well, we could edit that!

Keep your eye on the motorcyclist in white first visible in the upper-right-hand corner; first crash is at 7-second mark. Be sure to watch till the end....

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