Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekly Blog Bulletin

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Quote of the Week

"In the end, everything is a gag." — Charlie Chaplin

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Coming soon to a blog near you (yes, this one):
Waiting for Godot New York vs. London Ultimate Smackdown
with them fightin' supertramps Bill Irwin, Nathan Lane, Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen
• Live video report from Déantibulations, the street theatre festival of Antibes, France
• Complete coverage of this summer's Jacques Tati Exposition in Paris

Show Me Your Shows!
I'm in Europe & Turkey thru July 25th and welcome any suggestions of shows to see, especially physical comedy and physical theatre, but other arts events as well. Here’s my schedule:
May 21 – May 27: Timisoara
May 28 – June 2: Nice
June 3 – June 8: Paris
June 9 – June 12: Amsterdam
June 13- June 17: Berlin & Poznan
June 18–22: SW Turkey
June 22-26: Istanbul
June 27-July 18: Dikili (Turkey)
July 19 – July 25: London
July 26: back in New York

So drop me a line if you have any tips for me....