Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Physical Comedy in the 21st Century — Circoripopolo

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I don't necessarily think that performance — or any other art form — has to be avant-garde to be valid, but still I would like to showcase work that pushes boundaries. Thus this series, Physical Comedy in the 21st Century. I'm looking for all kinds of innovative work, and I'm hoping that at least half of the millions of you reading this blog will turn me on to some cool stuff. Our first piece by the Belgian comic duo Circoripopolo involves some neat digital tricks, but please don't think that means that I'm only interested in work that involves technology. In fact, I've been especially excited by the nouveau cirque work I've seen, which has a strong emphasis on live performance. So... let a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend.

Two warnings about this piece: Number one, it may not work on all computers and on all browsers. If it doesn't work for you, my apologies, but I also urge you to try to access it again somewhere else. Number two, it will play some tricks with your browser. Please don't adjust anything while it's playing. And when it's done you'll probably have to hit your back button to return to this blog.

Just click on the image below and enjoy!

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