Friday, November 25, 2011

The London International Mime Festival

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I live in New York and have this thing called a job, otherwise the London International Mime Festival would be a good excuse to visit The Big Smoke for nineteen days this January (as if I needed an excuse). If you're closer to London and less tied down, you'd be crazy to miss it.

The first thing you need to know about this festival, which has been held annually since 1977, is that it's no longer strictly a mime festival, but rather a heady mix of nouveau cirque, clowning, physical comedy, dance, puppetry, movement theatre and, yes, mime. In fact, they subtitle it "contemporary visual theatre." The second thing you need to know is that they bring in some very good work indeed.

Here are a few shots from their new brochure for 2012; click on the images for larger versions.

The festival runs from January 11th to January 29th, and tickets are only £15. You can view and download the brochure here and visit the full web site here.

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