Monday, November 28, 2011

Ooooops! — Copeland & Combs Strike Back

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My bad. On my Clowns Making Films — Part Three post I identified a movie Steve Copeland sent me as having been made by Steve and his Kelly Miller circus partner, Ryan Combs.

Nay, not so: "The clown with me, Trick Kelly, is a different friend than the one with whom I perform on Kelly Miller. Trick is a Clown College graduate, and he and his wife make excellent yak clown wigs (including the ones my partner Ryan Combs and I wear, and the ones seen in this video)."

To make amends, and because I would have surely included this film in that earlier post had I known about it at the time, I present Steve's Morning, a nifty movie starring Copeland & Combs, chock full of physical comedy choreography and sharp camera work.

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