Sunday, April 6, 2014

Falling Down: Iron Maiden's "Man on the Edge" (Slapstick Version)

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A minor curiosity, but perhaps of interest to some of you....

"All fall down..."— as we like to say here on the All Fall Down blogopedia—so when I stumbled upon this slapstick music video of the 1995 Iron Maiden song Man on the Edge, based on the 1993 Michael Douglas movie Falling Down, I had to share it.

Although the movie, which I haven't seen, is about a mental breakdown, the video is a compilation of physical falls and other clips of slapstick from silent film comedies. Some nice stuff, though you've probably seen most of it in other contexts. It is one of three music videos of the same song and, according to Mr. Wikipedia, "is a sneak-peek promo video.... used for promotional purposes prior to release. This third version appears as an 'Easter Egg' on the Visions of the Beast DVD."

And if you're curious about the lyrics, here they are:

The freeway is jammed and it's backed up for miles
The car is an oven and baking is wild
Nothing is ever the way it should be
What we deserve we just don't get you see

A briefcase, a lunch and a man on the edge
Each step gets closer to losing his head
Is someone in heaven are they looking down
'Cause nothing is fair just you look around

Falling down (6x)

He's sick of waiting of lying like this
There's a hole in the sky for the angels to kiss
Branded a leper because you don't fit
In the land of the free you can live by your wits

Once he built missiles a nation's defence
Now he can't even give birthday presents
Across the city he leaves in his wake
A glimpse of the future a cannibal state

Falling down (6x)


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