Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Four Jokers (1936)

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Here's another gem from the Pathé vaults, again courtesy of Betsy Baytos, our Eccentric Dance quadruple  threat (performer, teacher, choreographer, historian). I don't know anything about these guys, but they're a tap-dancing knockabout team with some sharp moves with chairs, hats, and one another. There's no audience, so this was apparently filmed in the Pathé studios. Our gratitude to that unsung hero back at Pathé who had enough sense to get acts like these recorded on film.

Only wish it were longer!

Thanks again to Betsy and hats off to our Archivists of Yesteryear!!

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Anonymous said...

That is a really lovely bit of stagework! Thank you for posting.

There's a slightly higher res version here: