Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Presco and Campo

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All credit goes to Betsy Baytos, this blogopedia's resident Eccentric Dance performer, teacher, and historian, for exposing us all to the work of George Campo. The first clip she unearthed was from 1932 and was shared in my post George Campo: Continental Eccentric Dancer, which got a very enthusiastic response from a ton of people. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out first. Right now!

Now there comes this 1940 Pathé studio recording of Campo, this time performing with a far more acrobatic partner by the name of Presco. It has some of the same chair tricks but a lot of new moves as well.

The clip is new to me, but I see that Pat Cashin beat me to the punch by four years, having already posted it here. Maybe Betsy will uncover more about Campo during her upcoming visit to London for her documentary film on eccentric dance. Keep those clips coming, Bets!


Clown Deborah Kaufmann said...

I especially love that last slow press up! New to me.

Dave said...

Great to see. I was in a very similar routine, I was the less acrobatic one but I see we had a few of the same moves. As far as I know we made the routine ourselves and had certainly not seen this clip.

There is a possible connection in that my partner Mark Digby had been in a double act that was coached by Johnny Hutch who would certainly have know Campo or know of him..... and so the wheel goes around.

Dave said...

Oh I meant to leave a link