Sunday, April 24, 2011

Whatever Became of.... Helen Sue Goldy?

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Is this how Buster Keaton got started?

All IMDB says is that she was "a child celebrity known for having a perfect sense of balance," and was the daughter of Sid Goldy, who it identifies only as the father of Helen Sue Goldy.  Hmm....

The piece was included in a 1946 Pete Smith behind-the-scenes one-reeler, Studio Visit, which was released in conjunction with the Ethel Waters — Lena Horne musical, Cabin in the Sky.  The narrator claims they're practicing their act for a movie, but the piece apparently never made it into any other film. 

That's all I can find on this.  Anyone?


Anonymous said...

It's on TCM now. I went to IMDb and then googled and found your blog. However TCM lists it as 1955 film and says the girl is 3 yrs old so that should make her DOB as 1952. I also heard that she has a large lobe area on her brain, the one responsible for balance. And that she needed her apple to be able to stay calm. Ok the Robert Taylor segment ended and the date is indeed MCMLV at the end of the reel which is 1955. Their clothes and filming does definitely indicate the 50's so I don't understand why IMDb has her DOB as 1943, anyone? Thank goodness you allow anon comments, I scrolled down and thought you had it restricted, hated typing all this for nothing!!

Jen said...

She was born in 43. I found some newspaper photos online from 45-46. And Cabin in the Sky was from '43...the MGM on Parade that had the Studio Visit short had been talking about that movie, then it moved in to Robert Taylor. That MGM on Parade may have been made in 1955.