Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zahir Circo: Every Trick in the Book

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This excellent trio comedy acrobatic act by Barcelona's Zahir Circo is a virtual encyclopedia of partner and table tricks. I've seen most of them at some point before, and done more than a few myself, but here they are crammed into a tight, fast-paced six minutes. A great vocabulary builder for anyone interested in (very) physical comedy!


The three performers are Kike Aguilera (Catalonia), Luciano Martín (Argentina), and Jordan Pudev (Bulgaria). They worked together as a trio for five years, performing throughout Europe as well as in China, until Pudev left the act about five years ago. Now Aguilera and Martín are a duo, and as Zahir Circo also present a wheel act, balancing pole, and juggling.

And what happened to their trio table act once Pudev left? Well, those of you who are variety performers no doubt know what it's like to reposition material for different venues and situations. Here's a 12-minute version of the same numéro with only Aguilera and Martín but with some audience participation and even a tabletop Dead or Alive sequence.

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Thanks to Betsy Baytos for the original link and to Edina Papp of Dany Daniel Management for info on the performers.

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Ey Pacha! said...

Hi, here's another great version of this classic slapstick act :o)