Thursday, March 26, 2015

Walter Dare Wahl & Emmet Oldfield

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When I did my recent post, Comedy Acrobatics Roundup, I meant to include this wonderfully inventive piece by ‪Walter Dare Wahl and Emmet Oldfield, but somehow it got lost in the shuffle. (Senility is a terrible thing.) Luckily Hilary Chaplain recommended it to the NYC Physical Comedy Lab after Audrey Crabtree had led an exercise in creating physical comedy chain reactions, so now here it is!

Yes, chain reactions, plus body sculpting, role reversal, and great visual originality.   Highly creative choreography!

Walter Dare Wahl also appears in this previous post, partnering Hollywood star Betty Hutton. More good stuff!

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Anonymous said...

Walter - my uncle. Great-grandmother's brother who left of America for good. His sister died in 1992 at 93 in Poland.