Monday, February 5, 2018

Physical Comedy in the 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

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Any idea what a 30-second Super Bowl commercial cost this year? Wanna guess? Sure, go ahead... No, not a million dollars. Not two, three or four, but over five million. For 30 seconds. For real. And some of these are a full minute. No wonder the sponsors go out of their way to create memorable ads, succeeding enough that some people say they just watch the game for the commercials.

A lot of the ads try to be funny, with mixed results. What I have for you here are six ads that use elements of physical comedy. You can google for more "funny 2018 Super Bowl commercials," but these were the most physical. Just my way of pointing out that physical comedy is everywhere, we just don't think of it as such.

Making fun of us old people while reminding everyone to save for retirement.

Michelob Ultra
Chris Pratt as a deluded extra. Funny, but no pratfalls.

National Football League
In an attempt to burnish the NFL's shaky image,  NY Giant teammates Odell Beckham & Eli Manning have the time of their life, dirty dancing to promote brotherhood. Or something like that.

And here is an interesting NY Times piece on the making of this video.


Support local businesses or else!

Avocados from Mexico

Are they sending Trump a message?

Bud Lite
2-part epic with Monty Python touches. Funny enough, but I still won't drink their beer.

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